Bespoke Furniture

Your Designs:

Matthew can implement your own artistic and creative ideas of carefully selected furniture designs.  He then fine-tunes these specifications with practical and structural hand-drawings to make all designs feasible.  

Our Frames: 

Our frame are of finest, native beech, then screwed and dowelled ensuring designs stand the test of time and are structurally feasible, optimising comfort.  We can use modern techniques but specialise in the traditional manner using hessian webbing, coiled springs, horsehair, cotton lintas and feather cushions.  

Phoenix Upholstery, Bedford, Bespoke Furniture, - Example 1

Our Unique Privilege:

In the process of re-upholstering, each piece of furniture becomes a wonderful forensic discovery of time, quality and technique. The diversity transpires into a wonderful education and key influence on our own manufacturing process and technique. 

Over the past three decades we have repaired and reupholstered many pieces by the furniture greats to include Gillows, Howard and Sons, Holland & Sons, Wesley Barrel, George Smith, Durester, Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol etc.  

We can make a bespoke sofa using all of our experience and taking into account your specific requirements.  

Phoenix Upholstery, Bedford, Bespoke Furniture, - Example 2 (Beech Furniture Frames)
Phoenix Upholstery, Bedford, Bespoke Furniture, - Example 3 (Knole Sofa)